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The Social Divide

It turns out there’s a pretty large divide between marketers and consumers… are you shocked? According to a Boston Retail Partners study retailers expected to see a 34% increase from their social media channels. However, an eMarketer study found that consumers weren’t as apt to use social media to drive their purchases via a “Buy Button”. The numbers come out like so: 17% Tumblr, 14% Instagram, 13% Pinterest, 12% Twitter, and 9% Facebook.

Social Engagement

Granted, this question was hyper-focused on social media users clicking a “Buy Button”, but it begs a larger question, should you be so buy-centric on social platforms? I’ve always been a proponent of social media to drive awareness, be it of a brand, product, service, etc. However, many many marketers hear a buzz word and immediately think it’s the next big thing. If done with a proper strategy in mind social can absolutely drive sales online, but just consider the mindsets of the social media channels. Or better yet, what is YOUR mindset when you’re on Facebook or Instagram? Are you ever in a buying mood or are you really just there for cat photos (can’t it be both?!?!)?

Is That Bad, Should I not Have Done That?

This is not a post about how social media is a bad channel, it’s about the need for a strategy and closing the divide between your business and your consumers. Make sure you understand your audience as well as their wants, needs, interests and how they utilize the web. This knowledge will help drive your marketing decisions and will drive consumers to your goal, closing the great divide!