However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

-Winston Churchill

Making decisions about your website without a sound web analytics implementation is sort of like hanging pictures in your house in the dark. Web analytics data sets can tell you how visitors arrived on your website, what they did when they got there, & if they converted or not. They can also lead to deep audience segmentation & personalization of content. However, none of this can happen if your web analytics implementation is not properly optimized.

How to get web analytics to work for you

Web analytics can be added to any existing or new website, so it’s never too late. At Bluefin Strategy we work with our clients to understand their goals & tracking needs while also digging deeper to determine advanced tagging opportunities. From there we will develop an analytics tagging guide that outlines the profiles, views & tagging requirements to achieve the desired goals. Once the analytics strategy is in place Bluefin Strategy then assists clients with how to analyze the data by developing dashboards and automatic reports.

Why have a web analytics partner?

It is important to have an analytics partner that can help you understand your data while providing recommendations that are best for your company & website. Your web development company ‘may’ have analysts on staff, but are they guiding you to the right strategy for ‘you’ or instead to ‘their’ bottom line?

Our Web Analytics Services

From Those Who’ve Worked With Us

The team at Bluefin Strategy are agile, strategic, and analytical leaders in the industry. We needed our brand to hit the market fast and with a buzz. Bluefin fulfilled our needs by building and guiding our entire digital marketing strategy from SEO, display, PPC, analytics and optimization. They not only told our team what they were going to deliver, but proved it in the numbers. Great company, communicators and even better results.

Emily WhiteDigital Marketing Specialist at Brandmuscle

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