How Much Does Digital Strategy & SEO Cost?

Bluefin Strategy offers several different pricing plans to suit your needs. We offer project-based engagements as well as retainer-based, or ongoing, engagements. All of our plans can be altered to fit your exact needs so it is important to talk with us about your business and digital strategy before we engage. Below are some ballpark UX, Analytics & SEO costs for you to understand what an engagement with Bluefin Strategy might look like.

SEO, Analytics or Digital Strategy Ongoing Retainers

Retainers are a set block of hours dedicated to your strategy. These blocks can be reserved in either Monthly or Quarterly amounts. Select the right plan for you below:

  • Starting at$1,500
  • Great for smaller engagements that require a little SEO guidance or analytics reviews. While the cost may be low, the recommendations and strategy go down in fishing story lore!
  • Starting at$3,000
  • A bit more hands on and deeper diving into analytics reporting and search engine marketing. The Keeper level provides a more comprehensive look at the opportunities that can drive your digital strategy to the next level.
  • Starting at$5,000
  • We become an extension of your marketing team at this level. Need more hands on deck or just simply don’t have the time to focus on digital strategies? This level provides a much more hands on approach as we bait the hook, cast the line and reel in the Monster!

We’re here to help in any way you need. Your success is our success so lets get started!