Digital Strategy in 2019

Where Will 2019 Take Us?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics only about 50% of small businesses survive after five-years. It’s a shocking statistic and why nearly four-years ago we started Bluefin Strategy. We wanted to help small businesses succeed online and help them grow beyond the five-year mark. However, as we ourselves enter our fifth year it is time to reflect on how we were able to get to that elusive mark and what we’re planning for the future.

Thank You!

First off, there are too many people to thank individually for our success, so as to not leave anyone out we will simply give a large blanket thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this point. To our partners, our clients, and our friends, it has been an amazing ride thus far and we couldn’t have done it without you.

How Did We Get Here?

A small business must pivot from time to time and Bluefin Strategy has been no different. We have matured into an organization with values and one with a clear focus. Starting off we thought we could be everything to everyone and that just isn’t feasible. So this past year we spent a lot of time crafting our goals for the business and ensuring those goals align with our core values. Most importantly we are here today because we have cared for our clients and have always ensured that their best interests have aligned with ours.

Where Are We Going?

The next year is going to be exciting as we will be introducing two new business offerings to help small businesses. First, we will be unleashing a new product to automate website data analysis, saving small businesses time and allowing them to focus on the things that matter. Secondly, we will be introducing more one-on-one digital marketing education and coaching sessions to help small businesses save money and become more agile by optimizing their digital strategy themselves.

Thank you again to everyone who has had a hand in our success thus far. We are so honored to have worked with so many great companies and we are immensely excited to see what the next year holds. Here’s to a prosperous 2019 to us all!