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Make Time For The Important Things

Yesterday a friend and I were chatting about the perils of social media, binge watching television, and online gaming. Namely the demise of the community as a whole and how we have all become so isolated from each other. His son proclaims that he is more social than his dad could ever be with the […]

Email; The Lazy Person’s Digital Marketing Tactic

Think back to your early days of dating. You meet a great person and they happily provide their contact information in hopes of getting together soon. After you get home you call them. Then call again the next day. And the day after. And the day after. Wait, you shouldn’t do that! So why do […]

How To Import Google Analytics Data Into Google Sheets

If you’re like us sometimes you just want to play around with your data a bit more than Google Analytics provides. Maybe you want a different type of chart or simply want to combine your data with some other source. While Google Data Studio is a super useful tool for this type of task, there […]

What Do You Stand For

At a recent breakfast event several of us got to talking about how many businesses focus on tactics versus actually thinking through their business goals. Additionally, it came up that many businesses do not really stand for anything other than making money. Hey, don’t get me wrong, making money is great. However the truly successful […]

How to Calculate Cost Per Acquisition

Are you willing to buy a $10 bill for $50? Probably not. But if so please email me. Unfortunately many businesses do this transaction every single day by not understanding their true Cost Per Acquisition. It is a very simple task to undertake and ensures that your paid media strategy maintains profitability. How to Calculate […]