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The Need for MORE Speed

Last week we reported our triumph over the AWS server gods and expressed elation as to our 1.5 second load time gain over our switch from Go Daddy. In Go Daddy’s defense we started with a really bottom barrel shared hosting package, so even my grandpa’s hosting service would have been better (NOTE: Grandpa does […]

The Need for Speed

This week we’ve been slowly migrating our website over to Amazon Web Services to keep up with our growth. As a lowly marketer with near zero server knowledge I can assure you this was a laborious and frustrating endeavor. Additionally we are also converting our site to SSL, because – well you know – Google. […]

The Chicken vs. Egg Strategy Approach

Not too long ago we were redesigning a website for a large hospital chain client. During the research phase of the project we reviewed the analytics to find that the ‘Locations’ page was nowhere to be found. We further dug into the numbers and saw that site searches for ‘locations’, ‘hours’, and ‘directions’ were quite […]

How to Create Custom Reports & Dashboards

Google Analytics’ standard reports are really great and offer up a wealth of great information. However sometimes this can get overwhelming as you may have to go into multiple reports to get one answer. Both Custom Reports and Dashboards help you overcome this issue by allowing you to combine certain dimensions and metrics together in […]

How to Set Up Advanced Segments

When you create a new view filter all of the data starts getting filtered from that day going forward. That’s all well and good, but what about all the data that was gathered before the filter went into place? Well let us introduce you to Google Analytics Advanced Segments. What are Advanced Segments? Without overcomplicating […]

A Very Digital Marketing Thanksgiving

This year we wanted to give thanks to all of our employees, consultants, partners and clients. Thank you for making the last several years so great and allowing us to go on the digital marketing optimization journey together. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And a reminder, you’re pumpkin pie might actually not be pumpkin after all…  

How to Set Up Custom Dimensions & Metrics

Back in the day we used to get by with sending specialized user defined variables into Google Analytics. Along with Event Tracking we could really start to paint a pretty granular picture of site behavior and actions. Then came along a new player in town called Custom Variables. This guy allowed us to really take […]

How to Set Up Event Tracking

Google Analytics’ Event Tracking allows you to easily track user behavior on your website by counting clicks and other actions that visitors do. While we have discussed Event Tracking in the past today we will focus on naming conventions and the strategy for setting them up. What to Tag With Event Tracking First off, did […]

How To Set Up Google Analytics Campaign Tracking Variables

We’ve spoken about Google Analytics Campaign Tracking Variables before, but today we want to discuss the strategy behind them. For a quick refresher, Google offers up five open text fields that allow you to specify and describe a link into your website. Remember, ONLY use campaign tracking variables for inbound links to your website and […]

How To Set Up Google Analytics Accounts, Properties & Views

The setup process is well documented by Google and other websites, so here we will discuss the strategies behind setting these up. Account This is the highest level and is the umbrella that houses your Properties and Views. You are limited to 100 Properties within an Account. Very rarely will you need to exceed this […]