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The Need for MORE Speed

Last week we reported our triumph over the AWS server gods and expressed elation as to our 1.5 second load time gain over our switch from Go Daddy. In Go Daddy’s defense we started with a really bottom barrel shared hosting package, so even my grandpa’s hosting service would have been better (NOTE: Grandpa does not have a hosting service). Unfortunately the AWS server gods fought back hard and defeated us lowly marketers as we were unable to setup some pretty basic stuff because EVERYTHING falls on you when you are in AWS.

So the Bluefin Strategy team set out on a new search for a top-notch hosting partner. There, buried deep in the woods off CA-57 we found DreamHost! While we did some comparison shopping to the others that will certainly pop up when doing a search for “WordPress Hosting” we settled in on DreamHost mostly because they weren’t selling fancy bells and whistles, just solid service. Secondly, their homepage ranked higher when we did a Pingdom Speed test. Kind of like testing the SEO-ness of an SEO agency.

After a little user error, their helpful staff got us (me) back on track and the entire site was moved over in less than an hour. Although there was a slight learning curve of their admin panel, everything is pretty easy to find and their live chat staff was prompt and helpful. Oh, and remember that whole 1.5 second gain from Go Daddy to AWS? Well, we gained another 1.5 second from AWS to DreamHost. #NBD