Web Analytics Reporting and Analysis

Turn data into actionable analysis

All the data in the world is great, but if you can’t make any sense of it then it isn’t very valuable at all. Bluefin Strategy specializes in digging deep into web analytics to undercover trends and conversion issues that may exist on the website. We can provide monthly, quarterly or yearly analysis that can decipher answers to questions such as:

  • What traffic sources yield a positive return on investment?
  • Which entry pages drive visitors to convert?
  • What steps in the order funnel are causing the most confusion and adding to abandonment?
  • What days drive the most conversions?
  • Which audience segments are most valuable?

These are just a few examples and they do vary greatly by industry. Let Bluefin Strategy help you dig through the analytics clutter and drive to more actionable analysis!

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Are you looking to drive higher quality traffic to your website, drive more consistent conversions, & ensure you can easily track visitors across your website? Let Bluefin Strategy help guide you to an optimized digital strategy plan & greater website success!