Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising Strategies

When a new website launches it will take some time before the search engines rank it for any keywords as it indexes all the content and determines relevancy. So why wait to show up on that precious first page of Google? Pay per click advertising allows you to show up there on day 1 and start competing against the big boys. Now, you may have to pay more to be there and your ad really has to shine to stand out, but never the less you are there.

But what about some reasons for existing websites?

  • Lock up a top space so competitors don’t get it
  • Ensure you have ‘at least’ 2 clickable links on a results page
  • You have an amazing offer for a product or service
  • Your product or service offering is better than the competition

…and the list goes on. The best thing about pay per click advertising is that you get immediate insight. You can put together some ad copy and keywords and start bidding today and see how the different ads and keywords performed in real time.

What to Consider when Developing a PPC Strategy

  • Do we have enough budget to drive enough traffic? Remember, you’re paying for each click.
  • Should we simply do brand keyword or should we branch out into other themes?
  • Do we use broad or exact match for our keywords? What about the negative keywords?
  • Are we using a passive or active voice in our ads? Which one works best at driving the right audience?
  • Are we sending searchers to a landing page that matches their expectations?

Similar to SEO, you don’t want to just buy a bunch of keywords and see what happens. You need to sit down and think if this is a viable option for your strategy and ensure that this will lead to a conversion down the funnel. PPC takes a lot of TLC, so make sure it fits in with the rest of your digital marketing strategy before taking the leap.

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