Display and Banner Advertising

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising has the capabilities to target way more effectively than traditional television advertising by not just being shown on particular website but also by having the ability to target particular people or groups of people. The strategy side of display is immense, although there are a lot of platforms out there that make it easier.

How to Develop a Display Advertising Strategy

First and foremost you must figure out the type of audience that may actually be interested in your ad online. This can happen either by existing analytics, customer lists or through help of an ad network that analyzes your traffic and compares it with other groups. In addition, you need to think through the mindset of these audiences and where they will see your ad. Are they on social media sites or news sites? Are they intently reading or just casually scanning?

Second, what message will work and how should it be displayed? The design of the ad is just as important as the message because you’re most likely appearing on a page where a potential customer is reading or their attention is elsewhere. Each ad design and message may change for each audience group and each audience group may have multiple ads. Strategizing this is incredibly important up front because you don’t want to waste any valuable ad impressions.

And finally, as with all tactics really, you need to send traffic to landing pages designed to match the expectations of the site visitor. If the message on the ad does not match the messaging of the landing page you’ve immediately lost them… unless the landing page is just simply amazing!

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