AB Testing

AB Testing lets your visitors make the decisions

AB testing is a concept that allows you to test multiple variations of a page to see which version drives the most conversions. These variations are typically split up fairly evenly to your entire website audience (eg: 50% see version A and 50% see version B) and the conversion percentages are compared against each version to see which one is the ultimate winner. You may also have more than two variations, so it is common to see ABC or ABCD tests. The goal is to reach what is called ‘Confidence’ with ‘Statistically Significant’ data to show that one variation will beat the other variations more often than not. Once this confidence is achieved the switch is flipped to point ALL website visitors to that version and then on the next test.

How to get started with AB Testing?

At Bluefin Strategy we typically advise clients to start towards the end of a conversion funnel because the visitors have already made more of a commitment the farther down they go, however sometimes the exact opposite is true and we may want to test the landing pages, which are the first pages visitors see on the site. A few examples of tests we have conducted for clients include:

  • Having a promotional message on landing pages vs. not
  • Order of fields within a shipping or payment form
  • Does the color of a button matter in terms of conversion
  • Does the amount of text on a page drive to more conversions
  • Hiding content in collapsible expanders vs. not

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