ab testing basics

Don’t be scared of AB Testing

AB testing sounds much more difficult than it actually is. It’s probably because designers, developers and marketers just don’t want to be proven wrong so they just muddy the water. At the base of it all, AB testing is about getting answers about your website from those who actually use it.

Bluefin Strategies quick definition of AB Testing: Testing multiple variations of a web page to see which one drives to more conversions

Potential things to test with AB Testing:

  • Button colors on Calls to Action (CTAs)
  • Content voice or length
  • Page layouts
  • Image types, or no images at all
  • Feature additions

Implementing an AB test is as simple as:

  1. Deciding what to test
  2. Developing variations
  3. Implementing the variations
  4. Beginning the test
  5. Analyzing the test

The strategy behind an AB Test is essential to ensuring its success. There may be times when test variations don’t beat out what is currently active today, but more times than not you will see conversion increases with every test. The BIGGEST thing to remember is that you aren’t redesigning your entire website, just changing bits and pieces. This means you see conversion gains quicker and cheaper than you would by waiting for a site redesign. Talk to a Bluefin Strategy consultant about the benefits of AB Testing and how a small investment can go a long way!