Social Media Optimization

You’re like, so social

There was a time for most of us not long ago, and many country clubs keep it going, when cliques determined whether you were part of the “in” crowd or if you were just a random person. That connection brought exclusivity to parties and good times that many people weren’t part of. Often you were called a “social butterfly” if you moved through these cliques and connected with many groups.

Social media is very similar in a lot of ways, hence the name. Social media does not simply equal Facebook nor Twitter. It does not simply equate to your posts on LinekdIn nor pictures on Instagram. Social media is about more than just one network and it’s about more than just posting random musings. By writing this I will probably post it on the various social channels, so perhaps your hypocrite flag is raised. However, if you’re reading this because you found it via one of those channels then my next point is proven.

A digital strategy is about finding where your audience is, where the conversation is taking place, and targeting them in those settings. Facebook and Twitter may very well be where that conversation is happening, but maybe it’s not. Perhaps it’s on blog sites or maybe in specialty forums. Social media is where a individuals are connecting and discussing topics in a community setting. These settings exist in many forms and in many places. ‘Social Media’ is not just ‘Facebook’ so if you’re asked about your social media strategy and your response is ‘Ya, we’ve got a Facebook page’ then you don’t have a strategy.

Some things to consider:

  • What is your target audience?
  • Where do these individuals congregate online?
  • What types of content are they discussing or consuming?

From the answers comes the proper channels and the proper messaging. Consult your friendly digital strategist to discuss the pros and cons of each channel and develop a cohesive social media strategy that fits perfectly with your larger digital strategy.