digital marketing audience targeting

A Lesson in Digital Marketing Audience Targeting

As we dig into our clients’ 2017 analytics numbers there are some interesting trends occurring across all organizations. We’re seeing the Mobile traffic number growing at a slightly slower rate than previous. Tablet traffic is all but disappearing. But more importantly, conversion rates are rising for those websites using some level of targeting with their marketing campaigns.

One of our clients saw over a 150% increase in their email marketing conversion rates simply by segmenting their audience sets into product category buckets. Another client saw click through rates nearly double by targeting city-specific keywords and crafting messaging specific to that group.

This should not be shocking to anyone, but what is shocking is how little targeting is used. Yes, it takes a lot of time to develop your audience segments. Sure, it takes a bit of extra work to craft messaging specific to each segment. Yup, it’s a bit of a pain to add the extra analytics tagging required to track each extra group. BUT, I can (and our clients can) assure you that the work is worth it. If you want to start seeing above 100% conversion growth the answer may be in better targeting of your marketing. Here’s the digital marketing strategy approach we have been following for years and we’re sure it will help any website looking to see exponential conversion gains in 2018!