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Marketing Shortcuts are Short-Term: Why CRO Matters

A reliance on marketing shortcuts due to a swell in responsibilities and aggressive goals for marketing teams is helping in the short-term but hurting companies in the long-term. When a marketing team is challenged with increasing their KPI’s, the majority of marketers often looks at ways to send more traffic through their conversion funnel. The […]

7 Data Driven Design Tools to Get Your Site Converting

Data-Driven design is the simple idea that the design of your website (product, etc) can benefit from being informed by both quantitative (ex: A/B testing) and qualitative (ex: User feedback) data. That of course is the simple explanation.  As most of us know, simple ideas typically are followed by complex questions when trying to implement […]

Bluefin Strategy heading to MozCon 2017 in Seattle

On July 17 through July 19th, Bluefin Strategy will be attending MozCon 2017 in Seattle.   We’re excited to get to see some talented speakers, meet with fellow marketers, meet face to face with clients (both current and potential) and most importantly, take in a bit of charming Seattle. If you’ll be attending MozCon, let […]

3 Free High Quality Stock Video Sites We Love

Using online video has become the rage over the last few years whether you’re looking to add some excitement to your homepage, social or search campaigns. Yet, one of the biggest hurdles in creating video content compared to image and text content is the heavy-lifting required to either create or purchase high-quality video content. Mazwai […]

Google Adwords adds historic quality score reporting

As anyone fluent in Google AdWords knows, Quality Score is the great and powerful Wizard behind the curtain. Google AdWords has added seven new Quality Score related data columns for reporting, including: Expected CTR Ad Relevance Landing Page Experience Quality Score (Historic) Landing Page Experience (Historic) Ad Relevance (Historic) Expected Click Through Rate (Historic) Until […]

Landing Page Conversion Rates by Industry 2017

The smart people at Unbounce recently released their 2017 Conversion Benchmark Reports detailing an in-depth breakdown of lead generation benchmarks per industry. While it’s an amazing benchmark report to download (and you all should), one of the biggest items the document covers is the answer to a question most marketers get asked frequently. What is […]

The SEO Value of Breadcrumb Navigation

Website navigation gets a lot of attention when it comes to usability and SEO. Is it intuitive? Is it responsive? Is it crawlable? Are your breadcrumbs optimized? If my own experience with hundreds of websites is any indication, that fourth one likely stands out for some of you. Do Breadcrumbs impact SEO? Yes.  As with […]

Attending NowWhat Conference April 26-27

Now that winter is seemingly on the retreat, we’re gearing up to start making a few stops on the Conference tour this year to stay ahead of trends, speak, meet, greet and hear from incredibly talented individuals in the space Next Wednesday, we will be kicking the season off by attending the 2017 NowWhat Conference […]

How to Focus on Landing Page Content that Converts

When most people hear Conversion Centered Design, it’s common that their first thoughts go towards layout, imagery, design psychology and the hierarchy of your landing page’s copy. However, what most often gets overlooked is whether the copy on the page that is optimized for conversion as well. X tips on landing page content that converts […]