Make Time For The Important Things

Yesterday a friend and I were chatting about the perils of social media, binge watching television, and online gaming. Namely the demise of the community as a whole and how we have all become so isolated from each other. His son proclaims that he is more social than his dad could ever be with the myriad of ways to ‘stay in touch’. This got me thinking that the term ‘social’ has really changed from its original intent and that we as a society need to get back to that original meaning.

Stay Connected To Your Business

Life happens. Medical issues, moves, job losses, and the like happen on a day to day basis. We have to make time for the things that matter to our personal lives as well as our business lives. Staying connected to your business does not mean having Slack on 24/7 and anxiously checking your email notifications. Staying ‘connected’ means understanding the pulse of your business and ensuring that it is following the values and mission set forth by the leadership team. So how do you stay connected?

  • Vlogging: How about creating daily video blogs to motivate your teams and keep everyone up to date?
  • Stand Ups: Either remote or in-person, but is a way for the business to make sure everyone is paddling int he same direction.
  • Blogging: A few sentences, maybe some transparent data about the organization. Quick, easy to understand, and to the point.
  • Dashboards: Hold teams accountable to their goals by forward facing data points on a big screen.

Lastly, I will say that staying connected to your business shouldn’t take a lot of work outside of normal business hours. You must also make time for yourself and your relationships. In the last few weeks I’ve been told by friends that they don’t have time to workout, eat right, nor do they have 15-minutes to catch up with me. Remember that these are the most important things in life. So long as you are efficiently staying connected to your business your personal relationships will flourish!

What Do You Stand For

At a recent breakfast event several of us got to talking about how many businesses focus on tactics versus actually thinking through their business goals. Additionally, it came up that many businesses do not really stand for anything other than making money. Hey, don’t get me wrong, making money is great. However the truly successful businesses focus on their values and don’t often stray from their mission. After all, if you don’t stand for something you stand for nothing.

Start With Goals & Work Backwards

We have always started engagements by asking an organization defining their business goals, but so many businesses come to us wanting to implement a specific tactic or two. Our process starts by sitting down and helping our partners really think through A) What do we stand for as a business B) What are our goals as an organization (e.g Why are we here?) and C) How does our unique position in the market help solve the pain points people are suffering from? Then (and only then) can you decide what tactics to use to target your audience. Take the time to go through this process and I assure you success will follow!