Our Approach to Digital Strategy Planning

Although the tactics always get the cute buzzwords (SEO, PPC, blah, blah) and the glory it is the strategy behind them that actually makes it all work. At Bluefin Strategy our foundation is built on this planning to ensure our clients get the most out of their digital marketing experiences. Our approach is simple, start at the bottom and build your way up and answers these basic questions:

  • WHY do you have a website?
  • WHO are you trying to target?
  • WHAT is the message you need to say to them?
  • WHERE will you get that message across?
  • WHEN will you reach them?
  • HOW will you track it all?

How Do We Do It?

bluefin strategy digital strategy planning process

Get Expert Digital Strategy Planning

From Those We’ve Worked With

I hired Bluefin to develop our entire digital marketing strategy. Our brand was new and we needed very savvy digital marketing experts to understand our markets and develop a plan to get our name in front of our addressable market quickly. Bluefin developed a great strategy, stayed on spec and on budget and helped our brand launch and grow within our first year. Great company who produces fantastic results.

Tony PietrocolaPresident at Take 3 Technologies