Developing A Content Strategy

Why do I need a content strategy?

What you say on your website in addition to how you say it is just as important as how your website looks. Additionally, the keyword themes and groupings you are trying to target should be relevant and specific to the focus of your overall website. A content strategy is similar to an overall digital strategy as there are several tactics that go into it in order for our digital strategists to gather as much information about the business that they can to ensure what is recommended is focused for content optimization. Typically these tactics will be to conduct:

  • Stakeholder Interview Sessions
  • Develop a Targeted Keyword List
  • Identify Content Gaps
  • Recommend a Structure Content Hierarchy
  • Develop a Redirect Strategy
  • Create a Content Roadmap

All of these tasks together ensure that the content on your website is targeted and optimized for website visitors, and consequently search engines as well!

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