Digital Strategy Planning

It’s important to have a plan in place before executing your digital marketing initiatives. Here at Bluefin Strategy we have followed the same process for our over 30-years of combined experience. We’ve put our process together in a quick roadmap cheat sheet to help you formulate your plan.

Need More Digital Marketing Help?

While having a cheat sheet is great we also understand more hands on help is required. Bluefin Strategy works with small businesses in two ways:

  • Digital Strategy Reports
  •  $195.95
    per month
  • The data and actionable recommendations your small business needs to succeed – all delivered monthly! Sign up today and your first month is on us. Cancel at any time.
  • Digital Strategy Retainers
  • Starting at$500
    per month
  • A more hands-on approach as we pull the reports, provide the recommendations, and work directly with you each month to ensure your digital stratgey is optimized.

Our Digital Strategy Roadmap

Follow our proven plan for planning and executing digital strategy initiatives.

Digital Strategy Roadmap